Friends of Michael Tom


Michael Tom

Then, Now, Forever

F.O.M.T was founded in 2007 by the friends of Michael Thomas Neunteufel, a group of aviation and motorcycle enthusiast that raise funds for several charities and benefits.

Michael Tom loved aviation and motorcycling, and loved to share the experience with everyone he met. Although Michael Tom is no longer with us, the F.O.M.T. organization is carrying out his wishes by helping people both young and old in achieving goals they may not be able to financially realize as well as assisting individuals with special medical needs that cannot afford them.

Through a variety of fund-raising activities, we sponsor aviation and motorcycle events generating funds for scholarships and donations to worthy causes and individuals.

FOMT has raised and donated over $48,000.00 in the last 7 years. With these donations, FOMT has established a scholarship within the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Eagle Academy (Michael Neunteufel Scholarship Fund), donated to the Friends of Katie Thiele Fund, LifeLine Pilots, West Suburban Foundation for Disabled Veterans, and to Honor Flights.

Please join us in assisting the less fortunate with special needs and others to realize their dreams.